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The picturesque mountain village of Spindleruv Mlyn is less than 2 hours from Prague.  The centre of Spindleruv Mlyn lies in the valley where the Dolsky stream joins the river Elbe. The town is protected on all sides by the mountain ranges: Kozi hrbety, Plan and Mt. Medvedin.

During the winter season the area hosts the Europacup in freestyle skiing. Spindleruv Mlyn has three ski areas; Svaty Petr, Medvedin and Misecky, which join to complete a total of 20 downhill slopes with a combined total length of 25km. All three of the ski areas are have artificial snow making facilities to ensure ideal snow conditions for 5 months a year. There are plenty of ski and snowboard schools, rentals and services in town.

The old footbridge across the Labe river at the town centre

St Peters stream runs through Svaty Petr and into the town

The town centre looking towards the surrounding mountains

Footpath from the town centre towards the ski slopes

The town is in the heart of the area Krkonose (sometimes referred to as the Giant Mountains) and became known in the early 16th century when silver was mined in Svaty Petr. There were just five log cabins, a mill and a gamekeeper’s lodge in 1784. This area was called Spaltenbauden because woodcutters working here got one log ("Spalte" in German) every day.

The town was a virtually unknown settlement until 13th July 1793, when Emperor Franz I of the Habsburg Danube monarchy issued permission for a small wooden church to be built in this part of the mountains. This church replaced an older chapel and was dedicated to St Peter as well. Today’s stone church was built in 1807.

The town centre with views towards pine forests

The town centre footbridge from the river

The river Labe at the entrance to the town

From the town centre looking up the valley

In summer peaceful valleys tempt you to go for a walk, or a hike along the ridge way from Pomezni boudy to Harrachov will charm you with picturesque views. For the more active the area also offers paragliding, horseback riding, water sports, mountain hiking and biking.

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